Western States Blacksmith Convention 2011

This is the kind of things the locals do in government camp.

Some of the members before the opening.

A look at Mt. Hood

More music

After forging the ice ax head he is ready to plunge it into a rock that is 1800deg.

After the plunge

Another shot

This is the chunk or bloom they got out of the furnace they made.

The quenching of the sword

They had competition with four groups of 4

For the prize

they had to make a

table with a glass plate that

was supplied.

They worked at specific times

Checked for clean work site

equal participation

safety, and, drawings, and dimensions

for their table.

When the competition was over

they had an auction for them.

One teem from Canada, one from

California, and 2 from the NWBA.

The tables are

taking shape.

They all did a great

job. Three of

the teems got

cash prizes.

They earned it

more pics

more pics

The winers are in front

They did a great job

This is a cookie made from the new cookie cutter i make.

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