This page will show you my Coast Guard boat.

Including the changes and additions I have made.

The Boat

My Coast Guard boat

The bow light

I cut the side off a green led and red led
painted the cut side black and glued them together.


Made from wood, steel shaft, brass collar.
The motor from something i dismantled
has a gear reduction on it.

Clearance light

I made these from brass rod.
drilled for leds that have been turned
down. Caller for outside, threads on back for nut.
And a slot milled so light viable for and aft.

Closeup of clearance light

Life ring

I made these from wood with string for rope.
The lettering is vinyl sign material.

Starboard side with clearance light on

Closeup of water exhaust

I also made these from brass rod.
Threads on the inside for a nut, and barb for hose.

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