My trip to Brazil

Ellen, our interpreter, and my guide.

The scanner frame, Computer room to the left.

The view from my room, of Sao Bento do Sul.

I got to use the mill's lathe.

One of the meals at the Alpenbier restaurant.

This is Sueli, she may come to the U.S. to goto school

Ladies from the mill at one of the dinners

Steam trains

More steam trains

The old station in Rio Negro

I ate nuts from this type of tree. Only cement poles, becouse wood rots

Waterfall close to town

Ellen on the teeter-totter in central park

This is a typical speed bump. They are on all the roads

They don't need traffic cops. The thing in the road will take a picture and send them a ticket if they go to fast through here

No weight limit on the roads, so they need to change their tire pressure with each load.

Sun set at the beach

The old train station in Curitiba is a mall and museum

Ellen and her boy friend Josnei

View from the train on the way to the coast, from Curitiba

Some people get off the train and climb these mountains and camp in the wilderness here

One of the old buildings they are trying to save in Paranagua

Ellen's friend that went on the train ride with us

Some of the nice wrought iron work

Sun set on the Amazon

Two kids brought a car battery to our boat to get it charged

There is a bush master snake in the right fork of this tree

Sun rise

Guide in the for ground, lady sweeping dirt floor in house, with a satellite dish

Small craft fair

Vines in the rain forest

I like the trees, very different from home

6-inch thorns on this one

Piranha anyone? We ate the big one

One of the caimans he caught

Brown spider, we saw it ketch and eat a wasp

Horizontal, reciprocating saw in the sawmill, at the boat yards

These canoes are 300r each or about $165.00 dollars

This is our boat, big and small

A rubber tree

New roof

Building getting the new roof

Giant water lilies

balsa wood tree with hanging bird nests

This is not shade, and sun light, but the two rivers that make up the Amazon

Some of the crew, and the five passengers

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