Trip to Death Valley

My first camp at Mesquite Spring

On my way south

The view to the west of the road.

A distant look at the dunes

Looking back at Furnace creek from the desert

This is all that's left of the haystacks

A view of the rail road that i walked

You can see both upper and lower tracks in the shot

A good look at the track

You can see the ghost town of Ryan in the distance

One of the long trestles

The second long trestle

I am on the first long trestle

Almost to the tunnel that leeds to Ryan. You can see old sheds for an even older RR.

This is in Ryan, looking at the rolling stock on the tracks

This shot of Ryan was taken form the end of the old RR

This is the tunnel that leeds into Ryan

This is inside the long tunnel south of Ryan

In 20 mule teem canyon. I took a picture of me and my car. Started back to the car before the camera went off

Had a little rain one night, and this bird was trying to dry out the next morning

A roadrunner next to my camp

The rainbow after the rain

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