Trip to Death Valley with Buba (gary)

Ravens in camp at Texas springs

Close up of one raven

The view of our camp at Texas springs

View of Death Valley from the north

Buba on the trail to the Big Bell Extension mine

The view of Death Valley on our hike

The remains of Cyty's mill

A nice cactus, me and a view of Death Valley

Going up the canyon, trail on the left, Buba in the distance

The Big Bell Extension mine tunnel

View coming back down the trail

Notice the elevation

We climbed over 3100ft

I am standing on one of the tressel going to Ryan

This is whats left of a hand car

This is the other side of the bearings

Me standing in one of the tunnels that leads into Ryan

Pipe made of sheet metal rolled at an angle and riveted

This winch is above the long tunnel

Cabin also above the long tunnel

Looking north from above the tunnel

This is the pit they dug out above the tunnel

From the same place, tailings, and RR "Y"

Same view with Death Valley in background

This is the plate on the side of the ore car in the tunnel

RR station at Rhyolite

Old building in Rhyolite

Another view of old building in Rhyolite

Same building with my car

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