Trip to Greenhorn 2005

I took a ride down to Whitney, now a ghost town

This is the sawmill on the south end of town. You can see an old rail car on the right.

This is the sumpter valley RR engine at sumpter, ready for the return trip.

A one cyl. engine and pump

Another view of the engine

The best mill still standing in the area

This is the side of the same mill

Inside look at the power plant

The hammer mill at the same place

One of the sites we went to

This where their equipment was for this mill.

This cabin was still in use when i first saw it, in the 60's.

Same cabin with me i the picture.

Lots of mines in this area. Most look like this.

Others are open like this one

Some of the old equipment still about

A look down into another open mine

My dad owned part of this mine at one time

This is the door frame of the previous cabin

You get great views from vinegar hill

Another view from the ride on vinegar hill

A look at the road we will be taking down. You can still see some snow in july.

Looking down onto Greenhorn

On the top, with lots of wild flowers and me in the background

Some more metal

Another mine. This one has a dam in it to collect water

Another mine

The jail is in canyon city. But i saw it when it was still in Greenhorn

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