This page will show you my Jeep.

Including the changes and additions I have made.

The jeep

The light is inferred for locating scorpions in the desert
Headlight and tail lights work, as does the winch.
I coved the seats with real leather.

The jeep spot light.

The light is the front off a flashlight
It had a grove that I made straps to fit.
I used Delrin for the rest of the mount.
I made a plug for the back as well as all the
mounting parts

The switch

The switch that turns on the
camera, and the mount I made for it.

Camera and mount

I made this style mount for two cameras so far.
Simple and it works. Adjustable enough for me.
The control rod is hooked to the light post, that is driven.


Another view of the camera and mounting.


Camera linkage and leather seats.
The two silver shafts sticking out of the dash
are toggle switches, one for the UV light, and one for the camera.


Linkage to control light and camera horizontally.

Headlight mount.

The black part of the mount is Delrin.
It clamps onto the body post.
The mount is Al.


This is the battery I use for the light and camera
It's a camera recharge battery.

Rear light mount

Made from Al.

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