This page will show you my models.

Including the changes and additions I have made.

The car

My Jeep

Body mount

I didn't like the screws they included.
So I built my own from brass.
I use a spring clip to hold the body.
Makes it easier to remove the body.

The accessory battery.

I use this battery for the camera and lights.


Camera linkage and leather seats.
The two silver shafts sticking out of the dash
are toggle switches, one for the UV light, and one for the camera.


Linkage to control light and camera horizontally.


Closeup of camera.

Light and camera

Back view of camera and black light.

Head light

Headlight and mount.

Closeup of switch

I made the mount for the switch.


Side view of camera and linkage.


Black or UV light i cut off a flashlight. Made the mount.
The black part of the mount is Delrin.
It clamps onto the body post.
The mount is Al.


Battery i use for lights and camera.

Tail light.

This is the tail light and mount.


This is the battery for the radar motor.


Made from wood, steel shaft, brass collar.

Bow light

Made from two led's with a brass base.

The exit for motor cooling water.

Made from brass, .25 thread

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