Trip to Colorado Springs 8-03

In august of 03, 6 cars left for Colorado Springs to cruise the rockies. These are some of the pictures i took on that trip.

A view of the canyon in Idaho falls.

This is the canyon looking east.

The bridge over that same canyon.

We stopped on the way to Independence pass.

This is the stream we stopped by.

Our first group picture.

We went down this section of road after leaving the top.

We did walk out to the over look, and the air was thin.

The sign at the top.

We parked in a line were possible.

This was also taken from the look out looking to the east southeast.

Looking at the inside of the hotel we stade in, in Colorado springs.

Our cars in the lot on thursday before it started. This was looking from my room.

We road the tram to the top. This was looking back at the one following us.

Looking southwest their are big horn sheep in the center of the picture.

Their is a marmot sitting on the large rock.

Got my picture taken with the sign at the top.

We are just below the top looking west.

I took the next shot on the way down. I was ready when we got there this time.

You can see the sheep in this picture a lot better.

After the ride some of us walked around Manitou. This is the town where the ride starts and ends.

A nice old house in Manitou.

Another good looking building here.

Their are lots of old buildings in town, and most are in very good shape.

One of many mine head rigs in the cripple creek area

Another head rig in the area. This one close to Victor.

The first good picture i got of the garden of the gods.

I went on all the roads (most one way) and in all the gift shops.

A close look at the rock that makes up this area.

This is balancing rock, and is hard to get a picture of, with out someone in the picture.

A look to the south from a lookout on the drive.

Looking towards Pikes Peak from the same place.

I drove into town at this point and looked for the Nickola Tesla museum. Not there. I must go back some time as old Colorado Springs is full of antique stores and second hand shops. I did not have time to stop as i had to meet up with the rest of the group and leave town. Just too much to see in one trip.

Looking north when i retuned to the garden of the gods.

We stopped at Hells Half Acre and had lunch.

Took a lot of pictures of the cars. This one in Thermopolis at the hot spring

We got front row seats at the gun fight.

The gun fighters as they were introduced.

Start of the gun fight show.

Gun fight under way.

The end of the gun fight.

The cast having their picture taken. But still in the middle of the show.

I got up and went out to this canyon, for a walk, before we left town.

Looking back out of the canyon just after i started. I walked because the road was gated.

This was the first tunnel i walked through.

This was the second tunnel. This one has a gate in the middle of it to keep people like myself out.

The truck was a maintenance truck. He had a key. There had been a bridge over the river at this spot. But must have been removed after they built the dam.

A look at the cody dam.

A closer look at the dam. You see the diversion tunnel at the left, and what i think is a leek at the right. The main spillway is out of sight to the right, and must be under the road after it goes through the tunnel.

The road we will go down after leaving Bear tooth pass.

Looking west from Bear tooth pass.

Another picture to the northwest, with a large mesa in the lower center right.

Yet another picture of the cars. This one at Bear tooth pass

The northeast entrance to Yellowstone park.

The petrified tree.

Looking at Mammoth from the view point.

One of the hot springs on the drive above Mammoth

A pelican on the Yellowstone river.

A large elk laying in the grass. You can see his rack.

The smoke from the fire that closed the east entrance for a while.

I took off early one morning for a drive, and saw this heard of elk come out.

One of the hot springs at Norris basin.

Old faithful.

Group picture in the old faithful lodge.

Looking southwest at the tetons.

Looking northwest, another group car picture.

A small stream on the route i took to Jackson Hole.

My car where i parked to take the last picture.

The sky lift at Teton village.

A view of the Craters of the moon.

One more group car shot.

I have more pictures but thought this was enough. Most are half density for faster down load time. Hope you enjoy them.
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