My PT Cruiser trip to Las Vegas

We are all lined up and ready to go

This is our fuel stop in Hawthorne Most of our fuel stops looked like this, as we would completely take over a station with all our cars

I am ready for the dress contest

This was a good example of the customizing done on PT cruisers

One of the costumes

I was just picked for best male costume

A very good looking suit in the competition

Mike and i after the contest

Our first cruise, to red rock canyon

The train broke before leaving the station. We walked to the town in the back ground(at Bonnie springs)

This is the mob walking from the platform

Cindy's car getting detail paint

This is part of the hard hat tour group

Power plant on the Arizona side

Inside power house, alternators over head and turbines underneath

Close look at the top of the end turbine

The tunnel and road to get to the Nevada side

More tunnels on the Nevada side

A look at the dam from the bottom

One of the tunnels on the Arizona side

Another tunnel on the Arizona side

Vertical boring mill in the machine shop

Our second tour, this one to the valley of fire

PT cruiser at valley of fire

Cindy at valley of fire

Me in the valley of fire

Petroglyphs in the valley of fire

More petroglyphs

Mary Jane in the valley of fire

Lots of canyons to explore. Must go back with topo maps, and do some hiking

I tried to get in this cave but the opening was too small

Lots of cool rocks and wild flowers here with a lizard in the center

I tried to get a picture of the inside of this cave

There are canyons everywhere

This was a nice if small arch

Cabins built of rocks

I am standing where i took the last picture

Me again on the same rock

Those who don't hike (slackers) by the cars

Those tourists are all over the place

Had to have my picture taken in the opening

A view of the vendor booths and the car show

A woody


Nice flames and front end

A Panel

I like this front end

Even one in my color

Everyone puts there own touch on there car

Extra touches to personalize there car

More hood paint

Some trunk paint

Paint with bullet hole

More paint

It says jet fuel

On the way home we stopped in Ryolite

Another picture in Ryolite

Still in Ryolite

Mary Jane in Ryolite

My car in Verginia city

Mary Jane's car in Verginia city

Mary Jane in Ryolite, cut from the last picture

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