This page will show you my model trucks.

Including the changes and additions I have made.

My first truck

The first thing in making a radio controlled vehicle,
is to remove the axles. The front axle needs to turn,
and the rear needs to be powered.

The bottom of the first truck

Then a place for the servo, battery, and radio.
I made a pivot and arm for controlling the steering.

My second truck

This truck i added sound to.
I should have added something to show size.

The bottom of the second truck

I made different linkage for the steering.

My tractor trailer

In this one i added lights, both front and back.

Bottom of my tractor trailer

New linkage for steering. Phosphor bronze spring wire to hold the wire
bundle from the headlights, motor, and servo for steering.
This one also has tandem axle drive.

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