Trip to the East coast 2009

This is the map we made for planing the trip.

This is the group ready to go.

Our first stop Multnomah falls.

The girls taking pictures

And more pictures

The lower falls and bridge.

Jay taking a rest


Looking down from the bridge

A closer look at the girls on the bridge

Our lunch break

A nice stretch of water next to our first camp site

Inside the prison museum

The tar is have trouble reading

Mo can't read either/a>

Close up of one of the locks

Guard tower

A sign about the canteen


Looking at the old section

I found two of them

A tattoo machine made by an inmate

Mo and Jay in a cell

The cell block inside

The jail cells

Part of the cat work where the guards were

in side a cell

Another cell

The shower area

Out side of main building

Outer wall and tower

The old section

A close up of the place hit in the riot

Another sign


I had to operate the chair for tar

Tar in the barber chair

Steam heat

Reading about the brake out

Stuff that had been confiscated

The tunnels out to the towers on the outside walls

Inside the car museum

More of the car museum

Lots of cars

Another picture of the museum

Another inside shot

Prehistoric bird at the museum of the rockies

A skull

A skeleton

Mo in front of a dinosaur

The girls taking pictures

Nice skull

Two types of feet

Another skull

An egg hatching

A skull in plaster

Two more skulls

They have some very good specimens

Including some still in rock


A replica out side

The girls under it, getting their picture taken

We are now at the little bighorn

The girls are checking it out

Tar taking a look, and enjoying the weather

The next morning the girls seem to have had wind last night

Did they wakeup? No. Every morning i had to go out and shake their tent to get them up. And most days i had to lift it enough to lift them, and do it repeatedly in order to wake them

Stoneville Saloon

We saw a turtle crossing sign so we stopped. We only saw one turtle, and it was dead.

The girls in dead wood

The girls out side the Mint saloon

Their is a cigar shop at the end of the block. I got a couple of deadwood cigars. They have them made from pipe tobacco.

Another shot of town

The hotel

Nice clock

A drive in, in deadwood

At the cemetery

At Mt. Rushmore

A close up

Another view

A real close up

This was taken from the scenic road we took

We took a cave tour of

Not much of a tour


Chipmunk on our way to the mine

Entrance to the mine from the inside.

Further in the mine. You can see how much water their is.

Another picture inside

We are close to the falls, where the miners broke through to a stream. You can see all the moisture in the air.

The water fall in the mine.

Outside the mine we saw these deer while crossing the stream.

One of the girls wanted this picture. It was in front of a restaurant

Made it to wall drug

Tar and Blue on the rabbit

They even got my picture

There grand mother is from here.

We stopped at most small towns


Their water tower

A residential street.

The museum(closed)

They had to have their picture in front of the sign with their grandmothers name on it.

Next to the corn palace

This was at a truck stop

At the Corn Palace

All made with corn

Mount Rushmore


Closeup of the corn



The front

Where they are making a new picture

The side with one spot ready for a new picture

Two more

A crude boat at an indian site that is being uncovered

Bison skeleton

Another view

This is inside where they are doing their digging


Road sign

Now we are at the butterfly enclosure

They wanted to see butterflies

Taking pics and looking.

They took lots of pictures








Some of the pictures you just looked at are being taken here by the girls. Is Tar having fun?

The museum in Vilisca

Tree hit by lightning last night.

The tree was still warm.

The sign in front of the house

The haunted house the girls wanted to see

Another view

This plant is in front of the garage

Unusual grave marker

A family marker

Each family member listed here

Another set

The haunted house again

The basement


In the museum

In the museum

Model "T"


A Trunk on the back of the Buick

Looking inside the Buick

Model "T" truck

They even had a shoe patch machine.

In the park we spent the night at, we found a cave. The girls are on their way.

Tar went in the farthest.

Jay found a dry place to stand as tar and i went on. This is not a happy face.

A sign in one of the small towns we went thru.

Mo had me stop to get a picture of this building. The farm driveway we turned around in had a sign warning of swine flue.

A small mill at spook cave.

The other side of the mill.

The over flow.

Going into the cave by boat. The cave has a stream in it.

Jay and Tar looking at the cave.

Our guide and looking on in the cave.

Some stalactites

Inside the cave.


We saw this elephant just before we crossed the Mississippi river.

Looking out over the river.

We stopped at a tourist town. This was built into the rocks.

As was this.

Now we are with Enik and Sahra at the Chicago zoo.


Close up of one



Good looking hog


Another hog

Good clip job


Don't remember the name




A very relaxed poler bear

A grizzly chewing on a bone



The gang in front of a hump sign.

Enik took us shopping. This is one of the places the girls liked.

Mo with the sears tower in the back ground.

One of the places the girls wanted to see, Bachelors cemetery.

The police showed up, said they were told some suspicious people were looking for the cemetery

Another stone.

They don't take care of the places

The path

Another stone

Another stone

Another stone

Graffitti on the side of the road next to the cemetery

The cemetery

The cops with apparently nothing to do but bother people

Yes that is the name, they are a chain.

This is at the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg museum.

An Auburn


Another old one

An older Auburn

They had lots of boat tail speedsters

Another one

And another

Looking down one of the streets

Looking 90deg from the last picture

I am sitting at that intersection while the girls walk around

Smoke from a hole

An old set of steps

An old fire hydrant

Now we are in Centralia Pennsylvania

The town has been moved because the coal mine under the town is on fire.

The old road into town.

now called graffitti high way

Their is smoke coming out of the road

Coal in front of a mine

The mine entrance. It was closed by the time we got there

This was in one of the towns we stopped in

A sign in the same town

A view from the blue ridge parkway

On our way to Virginia beach

Horse shoe crab at Virginia beach

The other side of the crab

Piling with pelicans

Their is a military base next to the beach

A sign on one of the buildings

I like the street sign

Jay at the beach

Tar at the beach

Tar swimming in the Atlantic

She was in about an hour

flowers on the blue ridge parkway

Mo taking their picture

Three girls on a rock

Two on a rock

Calm water under the bridge we crossed

The foot bridge

Another view

Part of the canel, used before the civil war

1/2 of the gate at the upper end

The crowd having a look

Now they are looking at the upper end

The bridge from the canel

Jay taking a rest

Mo in the rear view mirror taking a picture

A very old dam

The sign about the dam

An old mill we stopped at

Tunnel under the road

The flume for the mill

A good shot of the mill

A better shot

An over pass

Another picture of the mill

Now we are at Biltmore

A couple of ponds in the side yard

The end of the house

Flower gardens


The house from a distance

Tar and fish

Jay watching fish


closer yet

Stairs on the outside

view of the house

This is next to front entrance

The whole house

A water fall we stopped at

Tar and i took a closer look

Another mill we stopped at



Wonderworks, yes the picture is right side up

Their sign

Yes they are building the titanic

The Titanic truck

Anatomical tiger

A tank at the Sgt. York park

The statue at the park

Inside Mammoth cave

Jay in the cave

Mo writhing a post card in the cave

A bat

Sunset over the Mississippi

Mining museum, closed

Another view

We are in Dodge city now

The train at the museum

At the cemetery in Fort Scott

Grave stones

Still at the cemetery

Tar and one of Nelda's cats

Larry and Nelda

A road side stop

The next road side stop

One of the Ostriches you can feed

A closer look

Wings out

At rest

Same stop

A closeup at the same stop

Now we are at Walnut canyon


A cliff dwelling


A side view


Tar, Jay, and myself


More cliff dwellings

Mo, and Jay

Now we are at Montezuma's castle

Another view

Mo got this shot of an animal that came down to get a drink from the stream

All of us

Now we are at Tuzigoot

A lizard

The girls in one of the rooms we can go into.

View from the top

View from the top

The other direction

On top

Mo and Jay




A great antique shop

Now we are on the hunt for the grand canyon

Part of the canyon

Another view

Inside the tower

More inside

Side of the balcony

closeup of the tower

another view

Grand canyon

Jay on the wall

closer look

The gift shop

More canyon

Tar and Jay take a look

Another view

And another

We walked down as far as this tunnel


We saw this in a small town

Now in Los Vegas


more Signs

more Signs

more Signs

more Signs

more Signs

more Signs

more Signs

more Signs

more Signs

more Signs

more Signs

more Signs

Taranchula in Death Valley

We started into the canyon


We went for a hike

They followed me up this cut

Jay in one of the tunnels

Here i am leading


Tar is following me, the others tuned around

Jay and myself


We all want inside the tunnel


Tar again

Off to another mine

Jay heading back

I am waiting for tar

The wash we went up

Road runner

Close up

Scotties castle

The clock tower

Iron work

Buss in Gold field

AA in the middle

Big horns next to Walker lake

Good silhouettes

Close up

We got to Reno

Reno sign

Circus circus

We ate breakfast here

The shoe tree

Jay on the bumper

Close up of the tree

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