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I do not sew for the public only myself.

I sew garments, home decor, industrial, camping, and leather.
The following pictures will give some idea of the types of clothing, etc.I have made.

The toilet paper holder i make. Made from coated ripstop nylon its water repellent.

Here is one of my first vests.

These are the pants I made as a result of combining the patterns of two others that I had made. They are convertible(zippered legs)

This is one of the pants those were patterned from.

The coat I made for ATV riding in the winter. Fleece lined, and very worm. Fully water proof, with hood.

The pants I made for ATV riding in the winter. Net lined, fully water proof.

The coat I made for sitting around the campfire. All fleece.

This is my first attempt at this type of hat. Strips of rayon sewn onto purple and red netting.

This hat is made from strips of green and brown cotton fabric woven into a checker board pattern, sewn over with a different stitches, then cut out and sewn into a hat.

This hat and cape is made from Oil Skin.