Trip to Alvord desert 2012

A look at the clouds.

More clouds.

Looking west from the 4th well.

Looking west from sand gap.

Balloons in the sage brush.

I am next to the spring close to the agate mine looking south.

You can see the beach left from the Great Basin.

This is where i came out onto the east west road south of Alvord desert playa.

Looking at the Steens from camp.

A few clouds for sundown.

Looking east at coyote lake.

The sun just went down.

Looking east from my camp.

A look at the playa.

A look north.

A look at the dunes on the north end of the playa.

Another look.

A view from the south end.

A view looking at the steens.

Something someone left at there camp site.

Before the sun is up a couple of planets are visible.

Not a good pic, but it is a scorpion with only UV light.

This canyon is southwest of Mickey hot spring.

Mickey hot spring.

This is a steam vent close to the spring.

This lizard stopped and let me get a pic.

Road from the Mickey hot spring road to the playa.

Looking at the steens from under my shade.

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