Trip to Coyote Lake July 2011

Antelope in my camp, looking though the screen

Looking out the front at the antelope.

A young coyote came by every day for some water.

The same coyote on his way back.

A look at my camp.

This is one of the reflection pictures i took.

This is the full view.

The old campsite next to the dune.

Another reflection.

Yet another reflection.

Notice some of the birds are standing.

Wide view of same.

My ATV and the brown water of the lake.


Moon rise


Sage brush fire

Rain close to the fire.

Fire and rain

Moon rising with a small cloud.

As you can see it just rained

Rain to the north of me, about 2 mi.

Moon and reflection

Another reflection

Another one

My ATV on the beach

The lake is shrinking, it was over the brown part.

You can see my camp to the right of the Steens Mt. at water level.

A look at the hot spring below Micky Hot Spring.

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